Configuring the Generic Socket Probe to use NetAct 7 ASCII NBI Events

Additional changes are required to the Generic Socket Probe properties file and the ObjectServer for these additional rules to be used by the probe.

To configure the Generic Socket Probe to use the additional rules provided by the Probe Extension Package, follow these steps:

  1. Set the following properties in the Generic Socket Probe properties file:
    • Header : "#S#"
    • Footer : "#E#"
    • ParseAsLines : 1
  2. Obtain the ASCII alarm format file used by the NetAct system. The default format file is stored in /opt/oss/NSN-fmascii/smx/fmascii-format/
  3. Backup the file.
  4. Use the NetActConfigParser utility program to generate a mapping rules file for your alarm format.

    For example, java -jar NetActConfigParser.jar -input filename.xml

    Where filename is the name of the alarm format file obtained in step 2.

  5. Start the probe.
Note: For more information on the ASCII alarm format file, refer to NetAct ASCII Alarm Forwarding Northbound Interface documentation. For users who are using the old alarm format file, you can modify the default file so that the alarm is parsed correctly by the probe.