Dynamic elements

The dynamic elements that the probe generates are entirely dependent on the devices monitored.

The varbind variables that are generated by the SNMP trap are mapped to elements called $1,$2,$3, and so on. For each varbind, the object ID is placed in a corresponding element called $OID1, $OID2, $OID3, and so on up to the number of varbind elements.
Note: Versions of the Probe for Nortel IEMS prior toversion 3.5) had no leading dot (.) in the $OIDn elements, whereas the latest probe does include the leading dot; if you are upgrading from an old version of the probe, your rules files may need updating.
The probe can also generate the following elements from various representations of the varbind variables:
  • $n_raw - raw string representation of the varbind variables (containing all control characters)
  • $n_text - printable text representation of the varbind variables (with non-printable characters replaced with periods)
  • $n_hex - hexadecimal representation of the varbind variables
Note: The $n_raw, $n_text and $n_hex elements are only available for SNMP variables of type OCTET-STRING.