Specifying a query filter to send to the target system

When the probe sends requests to the target system for resynchronization, you can specify a query filter to limit the scope of the events that are returned.

You can filter the results of an API query by editing the resyncRequestContent property in the juniperContrailTransport.properties file:

{"sort": 1, "start_time": ++StartTime++, "sort_fields": ["MessageTS"], "filter": [{"name": "Level", "value": "6", "op": 5, "suffix" : null, "value2": null}], "end_time": ++EndTime++, "select_fields": ["Source", "NodeType", "MessageTS", "SequenceNum", "Category", "InstanceId", "ModuleId", "Messagetype", "Type", "Level", "Xmlmessage"], "table": "MessageTable" }

The sort and op query parameter can be changed to filter results.

For a list of available query options, refer to the Juniper website: