Peer-to-peer failover functionality

The Probe for Nokia Network Functions Manager for Packet supports failover configurations where two probes run simultaneously. One probe acts as the master probe, sending events to the ObjectServer; the other acts as the slave probe on standby. If the master probe fails, the slave probe activates.

While the slave probe receives heartbeats from the master probe, it will not forward events to the ObjectServer. If the master shuts down, the slave probe will stop receiving heartbeats from the master and any events it receives thereafter will be forwarded to the ObjectServer on behalf of the master probe. When the master is running again, the slave will continue to receive events, but will no longer send them to the ObjectServer.

Note: Peer-to-peer functionality does not work if you specify the same value for the JmsFilter property for both the master probe and the slave probe files. You must create two queues that both use the JMS filter that you want to use, and specify one queue in the master probe properties file and specify the other queue in the slave probe properties file. You must also specify different values for the PersistentJmsID property on the master and slave properties.