Backoff strategy

The Probe for CA Spectrum (CORBA) is multi-headed. The probe can connect 1-to-1 or make multiple connections to multiple SpectroSERVERS.

The Retry strategy is two fold:

The probe's Host Connection Retry Strategy manages 1 or more connections to SpectroSERVERS of a probe instance.

The probe's Retry Strategy manages a probe's life cycle.

When all connections (heads) are disconnected and removed from the probe, the probe's Retry Strategy will take effect..

1. The probe's Host Connection Retry Strategy:

SpectrumRetry property enables a probe to wait for an existing connection to reestablish in the event of a connection loss due to an issue in the SpectroSERVER without the need to fully restart a probe.

When SpectrumRetry is set to true:

  • An existing connection waits indefinitely for a connection to reestablish in case SpectroSERVER is restarted. When SpectrumRetry is set to false:

When SpectrumRetry is set to false.

When there are no more connections left in the probe, Probe's Retry Strategy as described below will take effect.

2. The Probe's Retry Strategy:

RetryCount and RetryInterval are responsible for managing the probe's retry and backoff strategy.

RetryCount refers to number of times the probe will attempt to retry its connection with SpectroSERVER until it is successful or stop attempting when RetryCount limit is reached.

RetryInterval determines the timing strategy used to reconnect the probe to SpectroSERVER.

a. RetryInterval 0 is set to causes the probe to use an exponential increment time in seconds until RetryCount is reached.

For example:

RetryCount = 5

RetryInterval = 5

RetryInterval is set to 5 the probe attempts reconnection every five seconds until the RetryCount limit is reached. (There are a total of 5 attempts and a 5 second waiting time before each attempt is triggered).