Backoff Strategy

Backoff strategy is used when the TSM fails to establish a connection or loses an existing connection to the device.

The TSM tries to reestablish a connection after one second, two seconds, then four seconds, and so on, up to a maximum of 4096 seconds. Once the connection is made to the specified port, the TSM tries to log in to the device. If the TSM fails to log in, it shuts down and tries to connect again.

The backoff strategy remains in place until a successful login occurs. The user can also specify a reconnection interval using the ReconnectionInterval property or -reconnectioninterval command line option. When this property is enabled, the TSM reconnects at the specified time interval instead of using the backoff strategy. If the connection is terminated by the remote host, the connection is also closed by the TSM on the host machine. The operating system is not allowed to close it.