Installing Spectrum utilities

The probe requires access to a number of Java utilities that are supplied with your CA Spectrum installation.

Copy the following files from $SPECROOT/lib to $OMNIHOME/probes/java/nco_p_ca_spectrum_corba:
  • cryptoJFIPS.jar
  • globalxx.jar
  • lm.jar
  • sanct6.jar
  • ssorbxx.jar
  • ssortbutilxx.jar
  • utilxx.jar
  • utilappxx.jar
  • utilnetxx.jar
  • utilsrvxx.jar
  • vbhelpherxx.jar
  • vbjorb.jar
  • vbsec.jar
Where $SPECROOT is the directory where CA Spectrum is installed and xx is the version of CA Spectrum that you are running.
Note: You will have to create the nco_p_ca_spectrum_corba folder manually.
For probe installations on Linux operating systems, you must also copy the following files to $OMNIHOME/probes/java/nco_p_ca_spectrum_corba:
  • sanct6.jar
  • sanctuary.jar