Customizing the rules file

Edit the rules file for the Probe for Huawei U2000 3GPP (CORBA) to:

  • Migrate custom rules from the Probe for Huawei M2000 (CORBA) rules file to the Probe for Huawei U2000 3GPP (CORBA) rules file.
  • Apply changes to the @ClassID, @Manager, and lookup tables as required.
Note: The Probe for Huawei U2000 3GPP (CORBA) may not be able to parse certain attributes if the vendor does not follow the probe standard or has implemented their own types that are not probe compliant.


There are some differences in the names or values of attributes between the two probes. The following table indicates these differences. Be sure to make the necessary changes if you copy over rules from the legacy rules file.

Table 1. Differences in rules file attributes
Huawei M2000 (CORBA) Huawei U2000 3GPP (CORBA)
$EVENT_NAME $EventName
$EVENT_TYPE $EventType
$domain_name $DomainName
$NV_COMMENTS $Comments