Configuring SpectroSERVERs

You must configure the SpectroSERVERs that you are using to enable them to accept CORBA connections from the probe.

Configuring a SpectroSERVER to accept connections from the probe involves the following tasks:
  1. Using the Spectrum Control Panel (SCP) or OneClick to add the details of the probe host system to the SpectroSERVER's server list.
    Note: If you add a plus sign (+) to the sever list, all hosts will be able to connect to the SpectroSERVER.
  2. Creating a Spectrum User Model for the user ID that runs the probe.
  3. Adding the user ID to the associated UserList.
For information about how to configure your SpectroSERVERs, see the following CA Spectrum guides:
  • CORBA API Programmers Guide (5010.pdf)
  • Installation Guide (5136.pdf)

For more information about the Spectrum Control Panel (SCP), see Control Panel User Guide (5029.pdf).