Creating a Change Risk Assessment

Complete the following steps to create and view a change request.

  1. Within the IBM Cloud Pak® for Watson AIOps WebUI, make sure ServiceNow Integration is set to the Live data for continuous ticket data collection mode. For more information, see step 11 of Creating a ServiceNow connection.

  2. You also need a ServiceNow connection and a trained and deployed Change Risk model. For more information, see Training a Change Risk model.

  3. Within your ServiceNow instance, go to Change > All to view all existing change requests.

  4. Click New > Create Normal Change. Add a short description for your change. Then, click Submit. If ServiceNow sends you to another page, select Change > All and find the change ticket that you created.

    Change request short description
    Figure. Change request short description

  5. View the Change Request and the Change Risk Assessment tab.

    Change Request Assessment tab
    Figure. Change Request Assessment tab