Installing and upgrading Infrastructure management components

Instructions related to installing and upgrading to Infrastructure Automation - Infrastructure management.

Install the Infrastructure management appliance

Installing the Infrastructure management appliance consists of these steps:

  1. Downloading the Infrastructure management appliance package for your environment. Download the Infrastructure management appliance

  2. Setting up a virtual machine based on the appliance. For more information, see the installation topic for your platform.

  3. Configuring the Infrastructure management appliance. Follow the steps in the installation topic for your platform.

Downloading Infrastructure management packages

Complete the following procedure to download your packages:

  1. Go to the IBM® Passport Advantage® Online tab at Passport Advantage and log in with your IBM ID.
  2. Find your part number.
  3. Search for the files by using the part numbers that are listed in the table.
  4. Download the files to a directory on your system.

For more information about the available packages for Infrastructure Automation, including for Infrastructure management, see Passport Advantage part numbers.