Batch update tool

The probe is supplied with a batch update tool that enables you to modify events in Microsoft SCOM 2016.

Note: The batch update tool,, is only supported on UNIX and Linux® operating systems and requires Perl 5.6 (or later).

The batch update tool takes a list of actions found in an ObjectServer table and passes them to the probe using the probe's command port. The probe can then modify events in Microsoft SCOM 2016. The tool can be used with two probe instances running in a failover configuration.

For installation and configuration details, see the README.scom_tool file supplied with the probe.

The following table describes the batch update tool files supplied with the probe:
Table 1. Batch update tool files
File name Description


This file contains setup and operating instructions, known issues, and requirements information about the batch update tool.


This is the configuration file for the batch update tool.

This is the batch update Perl script.


Example SQL for enabling the ObjectServer to support the batch update tool.