Syntax File Format

The Probe for Glenayre VMS uses a syntax file to specify the format of messages and to extract regular expressions with which to populate elements. The syntax file contains single line entries for each alarm ID. Each line consists of an alarm ID, one regular expression statement containing one or more extractions (in parentheses) and the same number of element names into which the extracted expressions are inserted. The entries are separated by colons (:) and each line is terminated with a semicolon (;).

The maximum number of regular expressions that can be extracted from any one alarm is ten. The number of regular expression extractions in each single line entry must match the number of elements to be populated.

Element names cannot contain spaces or punctuation. Additionally, the element names Summary and MCBNode cannot be used. These are automatically populated by the probe where data exists.

The regular expression syntax used in the syntax file is the same as that used in probe rules files. For a complete description of the regular expression syntax, see the IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus Administration Guide (SC23-6371)..