Running multiple instances of the JDBC Probe

You can run multiple instances of the probe on a single machine. This allows you to retrieve events from more than one event source.

When running multiple instances on a single host, you should specify unique values for the following properties so that the individual instances do not attempt to overwrite each others files:

  • PidFile - this file stores the process ID of the probe.
  • PropsFile - this is the properties file that the probe uses.
  • DataBackupFile - this is the file the probe uses to record which events have already been retrieved.

You should also specify a different rules file for each instance using the RulesFile property. For each probe instance, you should customize the @Summary and @Identifier fields of its rules file so that you can differentiate between the events from the various data sources.

For example, suppose you have name two probe instances: master1 and master2. If you change the @Summary and @Identifier fields in the rules file for master1 to the following values:

@Summary = "master 1 == " + $AlertName + ....
@Identifier = "master1" + $AlertID + ..

and change the @Summary and @Identifier fields in the rules file for master2 to the following values:

@Summary = "master 2 == " + $AlertName + ....
@Identifier = "master2" + $AlertID + ..

The probe will precede all alarms acquired by master1 with master 1 and will precede alarms acquired by master2 with master 2.