Line parsing with quotation marks

If a line contains single or double quotation marks (' or ", respectively), the probe can treat them as either standard characters or special characters. If a line contains both single and double quotation the probe treats the first quotation in that line as a special character only and treats the subsequent quotation as a standard character.

As standard characters, quotation marks have no significant meaning and are parsed as any other character. As special characters, quotation marks indicate that the probe should treat characters falling between them (including any spaces) as a single token. To specify that the probe treats quotation marks as special characters, set the ParserQuoteCharacter property to ". If no value is set for the ParserQuoteCharacter property, then quote characters will be treated as normal characters.

For example, by default if the probe receives the following line:

"Example data one" "Example data two"

The probe parses the line into the following tokens:

Token1="Example data one" Token2="Example data two"