Encrypting a string value with the key

Use the nco_aes_crypt utility to encrypt a string value with the key that was generated by the nco_keygen utility.

To encrypt a string value:

Run nco_aes_crypt as follows:

$NCHOME/omnibus/bin/nco_aes_crypt -c cipher -k key_file string_value

In this command:

  • cipher is the algorithm that is used to encrypt the string value. Specify one of the following values for cipher, based on your mode of operation:
    • FIPS 140–2 mode: Specify AES_FIPS.
    • Non-FIPS 140–2 mode: Specify either AES_FIPS or AES. Use AES (the default) only if you need to maintain compatibility with passwords that were encrypted using the tools provided in versions earlier than Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus V7.2.1.
  • key_file is the file path and name of the key file. This value must match that specified for the ConfigKeyFile property in the properties file.
  • string_value is the user name or password that you want to encrypt.

The output is displayed in the console window in encrypted form, and is delimited with @ symbols. You can now copy the output text, including the @ symbols, for use within the relevant properties file. For example: