Migrating from existing probes

The Probe for Nokia-Siemens Switch/Radio/@vantage Commander (CORBA) 3GPP collects alarms from the following element management systems (EMS):

  • Nokia-Siemens Switch Commander
  • Nokia-Siemens Radio Commander
  • Nokia-Siemens @vantage Commander

The Generic 3GPP Probe can also monitor the same systems. This chapter contains guidance on how to migrate from the Probe for Nokia-Siemens Switch/Radio/@vantage Commander (CORBA) 3GPP to the generic probe. The migration procedure has the following stages:

  1. Install the generic probe.
  2. Migrate the properties file.
  3. Customize the rules file.
  4. Run and test the generic probe.
  5. Optimize property values and the rules file.
Note: Where possible, carry out the migration in a test environment or a simulation of the production environment so that the work does not interfere with the production environment. Change over to using the Generic 3GPP Probe in production once you are sure that it behaves in the same way as the probe it is replacing.