Accessing Red Hat entitlements from your IBM Cloud Paks

IBM Cloud Pak® solutions can include entitlement to use Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux® CoreOS (RHCOS), and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). To access these entitlements, you must link your IBM Cloud® Paks to your Red Hat account. You can link your IBM Cloud Pak to its Red Hat entitlement through IBM Passport Advantage.

Complete the following procedure to access your Red Hat entitlements:

  1. Go to the IBM Passport Advantage Online tab at IBM Passport Advantage, click Sign in now, and log in with your IBM ID.
  2. From the Product list, click the purchased IBM Cloud Pak offering that you would like to access the entitlements from.
  3. Click Red Hat account & Order info to list your orders that include Red Hat products.
  4. Click the Link with Red Hat account link that corresponds to the order number that you want to link entitlement to. This link takes you to a Red Hat login page so that you can map your IBM entitlement to a Red Hat account.
  5. On the Red Hat login page, either log in with your existing Red Hat account, or create a new account. You must have a Red Hat account to access the OpenShift Cluster Manager. You do not need a paid Red Hat subscription entitlement to access any IBM® offering.
  6. On the Red Hat Review order summary page, verify that the information is correct and click Next.
  7. On the Red Hat Link your Red Hat Account page, select Assign the Red Hat subscriptions to this Red Hat account and link my IBM order, accept the Enterprise agreement terms, then click Confirm.

A message appears confirming that your Red Hat account is linked with your IBM Order. Your entitlement is now accessible.