IBM Automation foundation

IBM Automation foundation serves as the backbone for IBM Cloud® Paks for Automation products.

IBM Cloud Paks for Automation products can be installed together on a single cluster. Each IBM Cloud Pak® can not only function on it's own, but in some cases, might gain additional capabilities across the product grouping. For more information about the IBM Cloud Pak ecosystem, including what is included in IBM Cloud Paks for Automation, see IBM Cloud Pak architecture. For more information about individual IBM Cloud Paks, including how to purchase additional IBM Cloud Paks, see IBM Cloud Paks.

IBM Process Mining uncovers processes and analyzes, monitors, and predicts based on its findings. It can then use your system data to create process visualizations and provide you with an easy source of analysis.

IBM Robotic Process Automation automates all of your processes through the use of bots. These bots run pre-programmed, repetitive tasks in an efficient and risk-free manner. There are plenty of opportunities for IBM Robotic Process Automation to make an impact on your organization today, including automatic invoice emission, system integration, information reconciliation, report generation, intelligent email management to lead generation, and many others.

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