IBM Cloud Orchestrator, Version 2.5


The SCOrchestrator_Toolkit is delivered as a part of IBM® Cloud Orchestrator. It provides the essential Business Process Manager building blocks, which are needed to build Business Process Manager business processes and human tasks, which are used as extensions for IBM Cloud Orchestrator.

If you want to write an extension for IBM Cloud Orchestrator, you must perform the following tasks: The following building blocks are included with the toolkit:
Table 1. Building blocks
Building block Section Function
Business object Data Interface between IBM Cloud Orchestrator and Business Process Manager business processes that are provided as business objects within the toolkit. You can use them for parameter and private data declarations with Business Process Manager.
General system services, integration services, and web services Implementation Define Business Process Manager process extensions. They have a defined interface (input and output variable definitions) that are based on standard business objects that are provided by Business Process Manager and the SCOrchestrator_Toolkit.
Human services User Interface Sample UI extensions for an IBM Cloud Orchestrator extension. A Business Process Manager coach, which is included in a human service, defines a UI panel.
Set of sample Business Process Manager processes, human services, and other Business Process Manager artifacts Tagged as SCOrchestrator_Samples, contain the ‘Sample’ prefix in their name. Provide samples that show you how to use the building blocks that are delivered with the toolkit. Required to write operation extensions for IBM Cloud Orchestrator. Some samples are ready to use, other must be adapted. The documentation that is provided with every sample artifact includes information about how to use it.