IBM Cloud Orchestrator, Version

Using the pdcollect tool

Use the pdcollect tool to collect all the log files for debugging IBM® Cloud Orchestrator issues that might occur.

About this task

To use the pdcollect tool, run the command /opt/ibm/ico/orchestrator/pdcollect/ on the IBM Cloud Orchestrator Server. It creates the PDcollectlog_<YYYYMMDDHHMMSS>_<ICO_Server>.zip file containing log files and other information that can be analyzed and sent to IBM support for problem analysis.
The pdcollect tool for IBM Cloud Orchestrator can also collect log files related to the IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack environment.
Note: When you run the pdcollect tool for the first time, you are asked to specify the IP address or the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack nodes, and also the components installed on the nodes. This information is stored in the ICM_Environment.json file. You are also asked to specify the password of the IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack nodes, every time you run the pdcollect tool.
If there is an external database, the pdcollect tool does not collect log files from the external database server. To collect these log files, log in to the external database server as db2inst1 user and run the following command:
su -db2inst1 -s db2support


  1. Log on to the IBM Cloud Orchestrator Server.
  2. (For the root user only) Change to the directory where the script is located:
    cd /opt/ibm/ico/orchestrator/pdcollect
  3. Run the script in one of the following ways: where the options are as follows:
    -h, --help
    Shows this help message and exits.
    -c Components.xml, --componentfile=Components.xml
    Defines the input properties file name. The default name is Components.xml.
    -v Environment.xml, --environmentfile=Environment.xml
    Defines the environment file name. The default name is Environment.xml.
    -o PDCollectlog, --output=PDCollectlog
    Defines the output log file name. The default name is PDCollectlog_<YYYYMMDDHHMMSS>_<ICO_Server>.zip.
    Defines the list of the host IP addresses defined in the environment file to be scanned for log files. The default value is to scan all hosts. The SYSTEMLIST format is hostip1,hostip2,hostip3,...
    Lists the components to be scanned for the log files. The COMPONENTLIST format is component1,component2,component3,...

    To collect IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack log files, specify ICM as the component name.

    Defines the first date of the log sequence. The STARTDATE format is YYYY-MM-DD.
    -e ENDDATE, --end=ENDDATE
    Defines the day after the last day of the log sequence. The ENDDATE format is YYYY-MM-DD.
    Shows the pdcollect tool version and exits.
    Note: A disclaimer is displayed and logged to alert you that the data that is gathered and stored might be confidential and might contain passwords.


The script output is stored in a compressed file. The default output file name is PDCollectlog_<YYYYMMDDHHMMSS>