Deployment with Zowe CLI CICS deploy plug-in

You can use the Zowe™ CLI CICS® deploy plug-in for Zowe CLI to deploy applications and resources developed on a workstation as CICS bundles to IBM® CICS Transaction Server for z/OS® (CICS). It also provides low-level commands for performing individual steps of the deployment process that can be used as part of a Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline.


The Zowe CLI CICS deploy plug-in requires the following servers and facilities be set up on z/OS:

For more information, see Requirements on z/OS.


The plug-in allows you to:
  • Generate a CICS bundle from an existing workstation directory structure.
  • Deploy a CICS bundle to a CPSM managed group of CICS regions.
  • Undeploy a CICS bundle from a CPSM managed group of CICS regions.

The plug-in provides a command line interface and is easily scripted. The plug-in is especially well suited to deploying Node.js applications to CICS. It builds upon the capabilities of DFHDPLOY allowing deployment of CICS bundles from a workstation directly to CICS using simple command line interactions.

For more detailed information, including full usage instructions, see the Zowe CLI CICS deploy plug-in documentation.