BMS macro generation utility program (DFHBMSUP)

This section describes the BMS macro generation utility, DFHBMSUP, to recreate BMS macro statements from a mapset load module.

DFHBMSUP can recreate the original BMS macros that were assembled to produce a mapset load module, when the macro statements are no longer available.

The utility program generates map definition macros that are equivalent to the originals, and thus can be used to recreate symbolic maps if the original source has been lost. However, it is not possible to recover the original field names used. Field names are generated by the utility and you can then edit them.

DFHBMSUP sets a return code indicating success or failure. All input information is defined in the JCL.

DFHBMSUP requires the following inputs:
Name defined in the PARM field of the EXEC JCL statement.
Input MAPSET library
Name defined in the DFHRPL DD statement.
DFHBMSUP provides the following outputs:
Output map
Name defined in the BMSOUT DD statement.
Output map library
Name defined in the BMSOUT DD statement.