The upgrading information in the CICS® Transaction Server for z/OS® product documentation provides an overview of changes to CICS externals across releases and explains the actions that you need to take to move what you have today in your current release to new capabilities, whether those are in a whole new release or supplied as service on your existing release. CICS TS upgrading information is provided in full in the latest CICS TS documentation and it contains upgrading information for all releases of CICS TS. The links in this topic take you to the upgrading topics in the latest CICS TS documentation.

Getting started with upgrading

You can upgrade your whole environment, or you can run two versions concurrently. You can also apply new capabilities during a release, known as continuous delivery, by applying service that provides those capabilities.

To get started with upgrading, view the following topics:

Changes between releases

The following topics help you understand the impact of changes to CICS TS between versions or releases of the product.

Upgrading to a higher release of CICS TS

The following topics tell you how to migrate your CICS environment to a higher release, or from Developer Trial to another edition of CICS TS. Each topic covers a different aspect of CICS configuration and summarizes the actions that you need to take to upgrade from one release to another.

Upgrading between releases with CICS continuous delivery

CICS continuous delivery provides new functions, capabilities, and technologies between product releases through the service channel or as separate downloads. To take advantage of such additional functions, apply the service APARs.

Explore upgrade scenarios