The general insurance application

The general insurance application is a working COBOL application that you can use to try out different features of CICS®.

The general insurance application simulates transactions made by an insurance company to create and manage its customers and insurance policies. The application provides sample data and a 3270 interface for creating and inquiring on customers and policy information. Because the application is designed to simulate the flow of an application, some aspects of the application architecture do not use best practices. However, the application is designed to be extended to demonstrate other ways of accessing and transforming traditional applications that are best practices.

You can use the general insurance application to try the following CICS features:

  • Creating a topology that is managed by CICSPlex® SM
  • Creating web services
  • Creating workload simulations with Workload Simulator
  • Creating business events and viewing them through a Web 2.0 dashboard application

The SupportPac documentation describes the application architecture, how to install and set up the application, and how to test the application is working correctly. When you have a working application, you can try out these features of CICS. Each feature is described as a scenario in Scenarios.