Starting CICS regions

This section describes how to start CICS® regions. It assumes that you have already carried out any customization of CICS, generated any additional support required, and defined all the necessary CICS system definitions.

About this task

You can start CICS in one of two ways:


  • Use the MVS™ START command to start CICS as a started task.
  • Submit a CICS batch job to the MVS internal reader.

What to do next

In both methods you determine how CICS starts, and the facilities and resources that it can use. You do this by specifying values for system initialization parameters that are used by the CICS startup procedure. You would normally specify the system initialization parameters before starting CICS. However, after you have started the initialization of CICS, you can override the system initialization parameters specified before startup; for example, to enable a specific facility for that run of CICS.