Setting up CMCI with CICSPlex SM

To install the CICS® management client interface (CMCI) in a CICSPlex® SM environment, you must prepare a CICS region as a Web User Interface (WUI) server and set the CMCIPORT WUI system initialization parameter.

Before you begin

Before you use CMCI to manage CICSPlex SM managed resources, you must configure CICSPlex SM.

See Setting up CICSPlex SM for guidance about setting up a basic CICSPlex SM environment.

About this task

When you set up CMCI in a WUI server, you can use CMCI to manage all the CICS regions in all CICSplexes associated with the connected CMAS either directly or through other CMASs.


To set up CMCI, you use essentially the same process as to set up any WUI server.
The CICS system that you select must be a dedicated CICSPlex SM MAS connected to a CMAS. Follow the procedure that is described in Setting up a CICSPlex SM Web User Interface server to ensure that you set up your CMCI WUI server correctly.
As part of this process, take account of the following issues:
  • When you specify the WUI server initialization parameters, you must specify a unique value for the CMCIPORT parameter. This parameter allocates a TCP/IP port number to CMCI. Setting a value for the CMCIPORT parameter ensures that CMCI is installed on the WUI server with the necessary URIMAP and TCPIPSERVICE definitions. CMCI must use a different TCPIPSERVICE definition to the WUI server.
  • By default, URIMAP, and TCPIPSERVICE resource definitions are autoinstalled with security settings derived from the SEC CICS system initialization parameter and the TCPIPSSL WUI server initialization parameter. You can override the default CMCI TCPIPSERVICE settings by using the optional CMCIAUTH and CMCISSL parameters to enable greater security by using SSL certification. See Web User Interface security for more information about setting up security for the WUI.
  • Consider setting a nonzero value for the DEFAULTWARNCNT WUI server initialization parameter. Setting an appropriate value for this parameter prevents the retrieval of unacceptable amounts of data and can avoid long waits and potential storage problems when making requests on CICS resources. See Record count warnings in CMCI for guidance about the warning count mechanism in CMCI.
  • To avoid possible storage problems, ensure that you set appropriate values for the following parameters:
    • The MEMLIMIT JCL parameter, to set storage for the above-the-bar storage for your WUI server.
    • The MAXAUXCPSM and MAXAUXTOTL CICSPlex SM system parameters, to set auxiliary storage for the CMAS.
    See Estimating storage requirements for CMCI for guidance about setting these values.
  • Ensure that resource definition group DFHWU is installed. Group DFHWU contains the resource definitions that are required for a CMCI environment.
Note: For CICS Explorer® to be able inquire on CICS resources on the CSD, for example, programs, files, or transactions, it requires the system initialisation parameter CSDSTRNO to be at least four (CSDSTRNO=4). If lower than four, the request might fail with: CNX0591E RESP=CSDERR RESP2=5 (insufficient VSAM strings).