CICS application build automation with the CICS build toolkit

The CICS TS build toolkit (CICS build toolkit) provides a command line interface for build automation of CICS projects, including CICS bundles, CICS applications, CICS application bindings, and CICS platforms. The CICS build toolkit also supports projects that are referenced by CICS bundles, including OSGi applications, OSGi bundles, enterprise applications, and dynamic web projects, and can take pre-built OSGi bundles and Liberty applications as input.

Build automation

In a continuous integration environment, a build script runs automatically when a developer checks in updates to their application. The script checks out the latest application from source control, and calls the CICS build toolkit to build the projects that form the application. The script checks the result of the build for errors and, if appropriate, copies the built projects to a suitable location, such as an artifact repository or a staging area on zFS.

Variable substitution

To facilitate the deployment of the same application to different environments (for example, development, quality assurance, and production), you can use the CICS build toolkit to resolve variables in CICS bundles. A script typically uses the built projects together with a properties file that defines values for variables in the target environment.

Supported operating systems

The CICS build toolkit is supported on z/OS®, Linux®, and Microsoft Windows operating systems.