Java development using JCICS

You can write Java™ applications that use the CICS® Java class library (JCICS) to access CICS services. JCICS is the Java equivalent of the EXEC CICS application programming interface (API) that is provided for other CICS supported languages, such as COBOL.

Using JCICS, you can write Java applications that access CICS resources and integrate with programs written in other languages. Most of the functions of the EXEC CICS API are supported. You can get the JCICS library from any of the following places:
  • The artifact on Maven Central
  • The file supplied with CICS in the USSHOME directory
  • The CICS Explorer® SDK
The package (JCICS) will increment in version number when there are API additions, API removals, or bug-fixes during service or development work. Version increments are not guaranteed on a release boundary. The current in-service release mappings are:
  • CICS TS 4.1: 1.201.0
  • CICS TS 4.2: 1.300.0
  • CICS TS 5.1: 1.401.0
  • CICS TS 5.2: 1.500.0
  • CICS TS 5.3: 1.600.0

It is prudent to declare Imports as a compatible range, beginning at your applications minimum supported level, up to (but not including), the next breaking API change. For example: Import-Package:;version="[1.600.0,2.0.0)"