The CICS web services assistant

The CICS® web services assistant is a set of batch utilities that can help you to transform existing CICS applications into web services and to enable CICS applications to use web services provided by external providers. The assistant supports rapid deployment of CICS applications for use in service providers and service requesters, with the minimum of programming effort.

When you use the web services assistant for CICS, you do not have to write your own code for parsing inbound messages and for constructing outbound messages; CICS maps data between the body of a SOAP message and the application program's data structure.

The assistant can create a WSDL document from a simple language structure or a language structure from an existing WSDL document, and supports COBOL, C/C++, and PL/I. It also generates information used to enable automatic runtime conversion of the SOAP messages to containers and COMMAREAs, and vice versa.

The CICS web services assistant comprises two utility programs:
Generates a web service binding file from a language structure. This utility also generates a web service description.
Generates a web service binding file from a web service description. This utility also generates a language structure that you can use in your application programs.
The JCL procedures to run both programs are in the hlq.XDFHINST library.

For more information on the web services assistant's utility programs and data mappings, see the following topics.