Installing application programs

An application program generally means any user program that uses the CICS® command-level application programming interface (API). To install an application program to run under CICS you must translate and compile your source statements, link-edit the resulting object modules into CICS libraries, and define the program to CICS as a resource.


  1. If your compiler does not translate CICS commands, you must translate the program source code to turn CICS commands into calls that are understood by the compiler.
    1. If your program does not use CICS commands and is invoked only by a running transaction (and never directly by CICS task initiation), you do not need a translator step.
    2. You must also translate CICS command-level programs that access DL/I services through either the DL/I CALL or EXEC DLI interfaces. Applications that access DB2® services using the EXEC SQL interface need an additional precompilation step.
  2. Compile your program source to produce object code.
  3. Link-edit the object module to produce a load module, which you store in an application load library in the DFHRPL or dynamic LIBRARY concatenation.
    You need additional INCLUDE statements for applications that access DB2 services using the EXEC SQL interface.
  4. Create resource definitions for any transaction that calls the program, and install them.
  5. Define the program to CICS as a resource, using one of the following methods:
    • Create a resource definition in the CSD for a single CICS region. See An overview of resource definition.
    • Use program autoinstall, so that CICS dynamically generates a resource definition in a single CICS region when the program is loaded. See Autoinstalling programs, map sets, and partition sets.
    • Create a resource definition using CICSPlex® SM Business Application Services (BAS). The resource definition can be installed in multiple CICS regions. See Administering BAS.
    • Create a resource definition in a standalone CICS bundle using the IBM® CICS Explorer® or Rational® Developer for IBM z Systems®. The CICS bundle can be installed in multiple CICS regions. See Defining CICS bundles.
    • Create a resource definition in a CICS bundle, and package and install the CICS bundle as part of an application deployed on a platform. The application can be installed in multiple CICS regions, and you can install multiple versions of the application at the same time. See Deploying applications to a platform.