PROGRAM resources

PROGRAM resources control information for a program that is stored in the program library and used to process a transaction, or part of a transaction.

You can create PROGRAM definitions by using CEDA or DFHCSDUP, or by setting the appropriate system initialization parameters and allowing programs to be autoinstalled. See Autoinstalling programs, map sets, and partition sets for information about autoinstall for programs.

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PROGRAM resources in CICS bundles

You can use a CICS® bundle to create, edit, and install a PROGRAM resource definition. If you create a PROGRAM resource in this way, you must use the CICS bundle to manage the lifecycle of that resource, and you cannot manage the resource independently. You can inquire on a PROGRAM resource that is dynamically generated by a CICS bundle, by using the EXEC CICS INQUIRE PROGRAM or CEMT INQUIRE PROGRAM command. However, you cannot issue SET or DISCARD commands against a PROGRAM resource that is dynamically generated by a CICS bundle. You must issue the commands against the BUNDLE resource, and CICS applies them to the PROGRAM resource. For more information about defining resources in CICS bundles, see Defining CICS bundles.

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