CEMT - master terminal

Use CEMT to invoke all the master terminal functions. The master terminal program provides dynamic user control of the CICS system. By using this function, an operator can inquire about and change the values of parameters used by CICS, alter the status of the system resources, terminate tasks, and shut down the CICS system.

The following transactions are subsets of CEMT (that is, they contain some but not all of the functions of CEMT):

The CECI transaction (see CECI - command-level interpreter) ) also uses the same command interpreter as CEMT.

You can start CEMT from IBM 3270 family display devices or equivalent terminals or from the system console. Starting CEMT from the operating system console is described in Using the system console. The description of CEMT throughout this section assumes, unless stated otherwise, that you are using a 3270 family display device or equivalent terminal.

To start CEMT, you can either enter the identifier CEMT on the command line by itself, or you can add options on the same line, separated by commas or blanks, to form a complete request.

If you start the transaction by entering CEMT by itself and pressing ENTER, you get a display that prompts you for more information, as described in Starting the CEMT transaction.

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