Sign off from a terminal.

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Condition: INVREQ

This command is threadsafe.


SIGNOFF enables you to sign off from the terminal or principal facility that you previously signed on to. When sign-off is complete, the terminal reverts to the security capabilities and operator characteristics associated with the default user for this CICS® region. The national language reverts to the national language of the default user, if defined, or the national language associated with the definition of the terminal.

When this command is executed, CICS immediately recognizes the sign-off and establishes the default attributes for the terminal. The transaction (and any associated task-related user exits, function shipping, or distributed transaction processing) may have invoked other resource managers (RMs), for example, IMS™, DB2®, or VSAM. It is unpredictable whether these other RMs recognize the sign-off before the transaction terminates.

The default attributes apply for all RMs invoked by subsequent transactions at the terminal.


RESP2 values:
No user is currently signed on. This could be because the CICS ESM is not initialized.
There is no terminal with this task.
This task's terminal has preset security.
Sign-off is attempted using transaction routing without using the CRTE transaction.
The CICS ESM interface is not initialized.
Command not allowed for a distributed program link server program.

Default action: terminate the task abnormally.

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