Terminate a session between CICS® and a logical unit or terminal.

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>>-ISSUE DISCONNECT--------------------------------------------><




ISSUE DISCONNECT terminates sessions between CICS and the following terminals or logical units:
  • 3270-display logical unit (LUTYPE2)
  • 3270-printer logical unit (LUTYPE3)
  • LUTYPE4 logical unit
  • 3270 SCS printer logical unit
  • 2260 or 2265 display station
  • 3270 logical unit
  • 3600 pipeline logical unit
  • 3600(3601) logical unit
  • 3600(3614) logical unit
  • 3630 plant communication system
  • 3650 interpreter logical unit
  • 3650 host conversational (3270) logical unit
  • 3650 host conversational (3653) logical unit
  • 3650(3680) host command processor logical unit
  • 3767/3770 interactive logical unit
  • 3770 batch logical unit
  • 3790 logical units


For most terminal and logical unit types, ISSUE DISCONNECT raises no conditions. Exceptions are:

occurs only for an ISSUE DISCONNECT for LUTYPE4, 3600(3601), 3767 interactive, 3770 batch, and 3790 full-function logical units.

It occurs when an inbound SIGNAL data-flow control command is received from a logical unit or session. EIBSIG is always set when an inbound signal is received.

Default action: ignore the condition.

occurs only for an ISSUE DISCONNECT for LUTYPE4 logical units.

It occurs for a terminal-related error, such as a session failure. This condition applies to SNA-connected LUs only. Because of the asynchronous nature of this condition, the application program should check, using SEND CONFIRM or SYNCPOINT, to make sure any errors still outstanding have been resolved before it relinquishes control. If you want to handle this condition, you must first issue a FREE command to free the session. If you do not do this, an INVREQ condition occurs, plus an ATCV abend if you do not handle this condition.

A CANCEL TASK request by a user node error program (NEP) may cause this condition if the task has an outstanding terminal control request active when the node abnormal condition program handles the session error.

Default action: terminate the task abnormally with abend code ATNI.

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