CEKL - master terminal (emergency use)

Use CEKL to remove tasks from a system in a situation where you cannot issue the CEMT transaction.

There are two commands, CEKL INQUIRE TASK and CEKL SET TASK. The INQUIRE command displays information about selected tasks. The SET command allows you to remove an individual task using the PURGE, FORCEPURGE, or KILL option.

  1. The CEKL transaction differs from other CICS® supplied transactions in that you do not have to install definitions for it.
  2. You can start this command at any operating system console that has the authority to issue MODIFY commands for the relevant CICS region. This does not require a CICS terminal definition for the relevant console. You would normally issue the command from an SDSF session (using the ULOG facility to view the extended console output).

The CEKL transaction forms part of the CICS console interface and runs on a dedicated CICS internal TCB that enables commands to be processed even when the rest of CICS is unresponsive.

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