Attention identifier (EIBAID)

For every terminal control (or BMS) input operation associated with a display device, an attention identifier (AID) is placed in field EIBAID in the EIB. The AID indicates which method the terminal operator has used to initiate the transfer of information from the device to CICS; for example, the ENTER key, a program function key, the light pen, and so on. The field contents remain unaltered until updated by a new input operation.

Field EIBAID can be tested after each terminal control (or BMS) input operation to determine further processing, and a standard attention identifier list (DFHAID) is provided for this purpose. Alternatively, the HANDLE AID command can be used to pass control to specified labels when the AIDs are received.

EIBAID and EIBCPOSN are also updated at task initiation for non-ATI tasks and after each terminal control and BMS input.