Configuring TrackingToken in WebSphere Application Server

To complete this task, you use the IBM WebSphere Application Server Integrated Solutions Console to install the ECI resource adapter, create a connection factory, specify the connection factory properties.

  1. Install the CICS® Transaction Gateway ECI resource adapter archive (RAR):

    1. In the IBM WebSphere Administrative Console, click Resources > Resource Adapters, click Install RAR
    2. Click Browse, for the Local file system. Select the CICS ECI resource adapter cicseci.rar. Take note of the scope, this choice limits the scope of later connection factory definitions. In this scenario, the scope is Node.
    3. Click Next. The resource adapter General Properties dialog contains a predefined name and description for the CICS ECI resource adapter. Mention the classpath of the requestExits under “Resource Adapter > Resource Adapter Name > Class Path (As displayed in Figure 1)
    4. Click OK.

    Save the changes to the main configuration.

    Figure 1. Deploying CICS TG ECI resource adapter
    Tacking token
  2. Create and configure a J2C connection factory:

    1. In the IBM WebSphere Administrative Console, click Resources > Resource Adapters. Click on the ECIResourceAdapter.
    2. b. Under Additional Properties click on J2C connection factories.

    3. Click New.
    4. Specify a name for the new J2C connection factory, for example CF-20 and specify the JNDI lookup name eis/CF-20. Leave everything else with the default settings.
    5. Click OK.
    6. Click the new J2C connection factory CF-20.
    7. Click Additional Properties > Custom Properties.

      For enabling transaction tracing, TrackingToken field should be "true" under custom properties (As displayed in Figure 2)

    Figure 2. Setting TrackingToken field in custom properties
    Tracking token2
  3. Configure the requestExits that has implemented the TrackingTokenInterface Interface (within Custom Properties) in WAS as depicted in Figure 3 (If more than 1 requestExit, separate it by a comma (,))

Figure 3. Configuring request monitoring exits
Tracking Token3

RequestExit outputs are default written to the <WAS Installation-Location>/profiles/server/logs/server1. We can redirect the requestExits output to different path by passing the java arguments (Application servers > server1 > Process definition > Java Virtual Machine) as depicted in Figure 4

Figure 4. Redirecting request monitoring log
Tracking token4