Configuration for recording statistics to SMF

You can record statistics data from CICS® Transaction Gateway at predefined intervals to the System Management Facility (SMF) on IBM® z/OS®.

To set statistics recording to SMF manually, set the statsrecording parameter in the GATEWAY section of the Gateway daemon configuration file (ctg.ini) to on:
Valid values are on or off. Any other value results in an error sent to the JES log and CICS Transaction Gateway fails to start. Like the other Boolean parameters in the configuration file this parameter and the values it takes are not case sensitive.

READ access to the BPX.SMF profile of the facility class

To write to SMF, the user ID under which the CICS Transaction Gateway daemon runs, must be permitted READ access to the RACF BPX.SMF profile of the FACILITY class. An example of the syntax is shown here:
You must configure this permission during the installation and upgrade processes. For further details, see the RACF® and UNIX System Services (USS) documentation.

This parameter is in the GATEWAY section of the configuration file, see GATEWAY section of the configuration file for more information about other parameters in this section.