Statistics end of day time

The stateod parameter specifies the end of day time.

Set the value in the range 000000 - 235959 to define the CICS® Transaction Gateway end of day time in local time. The value must be in the format HHMMSS, where midnight is 000000 and one second before midnight is 235959. The hours, HH, must be specified in the range 00 - 23. The minutes, MM, and seconds, SS, must be specified in the range 00 - 59. For example, to specify an end of day time of 3 mins and 9 seconds after midnight, the value of the stateod parameter must be set to 000309. If the value set is greater than the maximum, it is changed to 235959. If the value set does not have the correct format, it is changed to the default value. The end of day time is used as a point of reference for the clock rather than to the CICS CICS Transaction Gateway startup time. This also determines the point at which statistics are reset and potentially recorded.

This parameter is in the GATEWAY section of the configuration file.

Default value
If this parameter is not specified, the default value is 0.