Gateway trace file wrap size (KB)

The tfilesize parameter specifies the maximum size, in kilobytes, of the Gateway trace file. When the file reaches this size, subsequent trace entries continue to be written from the beginning of the file.

Set the value in the range 0 - 1,000,000 to specify the maximum trace file size. To disable wrapping, set the value to 0. If you set the value in the range 1 - 39, the CICS® Transaction Gateway uses a value of 40 instead, to guarantee an adequate minimum trace size.

You can use the ctgstart -tfilesize=number command to override the value of tfilesize. For more information, see Options on the ctgstart commandCommand reference.

This parameter is in the GATEWAY section of the configuration file.

Default value
If this parameter is not specified, the default value is 0.