The prerequisites for CICS® Transaction Server and CICS Transaction Gateway.

System requirements for the four CICS Transaction Server for IBM® z/OS® servers:
  • If IPIC connections are being used, CICS Transaction Server V3.2 or later is required because IPIC is not available in earlier releases of CICS.
  • TCP/IP services must be active in the CICS server.
    • To activate these services, set the TCPIP system initialization parameter to YES.
    • To check the status of these services, use the CEMT INQ TCPIP command and check that the status is open.
  • The CICS server must have access to a TCP/IP stack that is running on the same LPAR.
  • The TCP/IP network must extend between LPARs if CICS Transaction Gateway for IBM z/OS and the CICS server exist on different LPARs.
System requirements for CICS Transaction Gateway:
  • CICS Transaction Gateway must be installed.