Testing your scenario

To test that your scenario is configured correctly, start the CICS® Transaction Gateway and use the CICS TG Java™ sample EciB2 to call CICS server program EC01.

  1. To test your scenario, issue the following command from a command prompt on the machine on which CICS TG is running. In this example command, the Gateway daemon TCP handler is listening on the default port.
    java com.ibm.ctg.samples.eci.EciB2
         jgate=localhost server=CICSA prog0=EC01 commarealength=18 ebcdic

    The ebcdic option is not required if you have set up a definition for EC01 in the DFHCNV data conversion macro on CICS.

    The output from the command is as follows:

    CICS Transaction Gateway Basic ECI Sample 2
     Test Parameters
    CICS TG address : localhost:2006
    Client security : null
    Server security : null
    CICS Server : CICSA
    UserId : null
    Password : null
    Data Conversion : ASCII
    Commarea        : null
    Commarea length : 18
    Number of programs given : 1
      [0] : EC01
    Connect to Gateway
    Successfully created JavaGateway
    Call Programs
    About to call : EC01
      Commarea    :
      Extend_Mode : 0
      Luw_Token   : 0
      Commarea    : 22/05/09 10:05:18
    Return code   : ECI_NO_ERROR(0)
    Abend code    : null
    Successfully closed JavaGateway
    In the CICS job log you will see this message:
    DFHIS3000 ... IPCONN 00000006 with applid .00000006 autoinstalled 
    successfully using autoinstall user program DFHISAIP and template
    (NONE) after a connection request was received on tcpipservice SRV50889 
    from host 1.23.456.789
    where 00000006 is the name of the IPCONN automatically generated by the autoinstall template, DFHISAIP.
    If you issue the command CEMT INQ IPCONN, the output is as follows:
    CEMT INQ IPCONN                                              
      STATUS:  RESULTS - OVERTYPE TO MODIFY                 
       Ipc(00000006) App(00000006) Net(GBIBMIYA) Ins Acq Nos
          Rece(100) Sen(000) Tcp(SRV50889)