Configuring the TCPIPSERVICE on CICS TS

The TCPIPSERVICE is a resource that defines the attributes of the IPIC connection, including the listening port and the IPCONN autoinstall user program, referred to as a user replaceable module (URM).

  1. Use CEDA to define a TCPIPSERVICE; for example, SRV50889. These values are important:
    • The Group is set to the name of your CICS® group.
    • The URM is set to point to the default IPIC autoinstall user program, DFHISAIP.
    • The port number is set for incoming IPIC requests.
    • The protocol is set to IPIC.
    • The transaction is set to CISS.
    All other values can be left to default.
    CEDA  DEFine TCpipservice( SRV50889 )
     TCpipservice   : SRV50889
     GROup          : HOLLTCPA
     DEscription  ==> IPIC AUTOINSTALL
     Urm          ==> DFHISAIP
     POrtnumber   ==> 50889             1-65535
     STatus       ==> Open              Open | Closed
     PROtocol     ==> IPIC              IIop | Http | Eci | User | IPic
     TRansaction  ==> CISS
     Backlog      ==> 00010             0-32767
     TSqprefix    ==>
     Ipaddress    ==>
     SOcketclose  ==> No                 No | 0-240000 (HHMMSS)
     Maxdatalen   ==>                    3-524288
  2. Install the CEDA definition.
  3. Check that the TCPIPSERVICE is active. On CICS TS, issue the command:
    Check these values:
    • The port number shown is correct.
    • The status shows "Ope" for open.
    • The protocol shown is Ipic.
    • The URM shows the IPCONN autoinstall program, DFHISAIP.
      For example:
      Tcpips(SRV50889) Ope Por(50889) Ipic Nos Tra(CISS) 
      Con(00000) Bac( 00010 ) Max( 000000 ) Urm( DFHISAIP )
Note: You can configure CICS resources using the CICS Explorer® , see the CICS Explorer information in the CICS TS Information Center for more information.