The prerequisites for this SSL scenario.

Here are the system requirements for CICS® Transaction Server for IBM® z/OS®:
  • TCP/IP services must be active in the CICS server.
    • To activate these services, set the TCPIP system initialization parameter to YES.
    • To check the status of these services, issue a CEMT INQ TCPIP command and check that the status is open.
  • The CICS server must have access to a TCP/IP stack running on the same LPAR.
  • The TCP/IP network must extend between LPARs if CICS Transaction Gateway for IBM z/OS and the CICS server exist on different LPARs.
  • You must have valid IBM RACF® user IDs and passwords.

Here are the system requirements for CICS Transaction Gateway:
  • CICS Transaction Gateway must be installed.
  • A working connection from CICS Transaction Gateway to CICS is required. This can be IPIC or EXCI. This scenario uses an EXCI connection. For more information see Configuring EXCI.
To test the scenario works successfully you can either use the supplied samples, or your own applications. If you choose to use the supplied samples, this scenario requires:
  • The sample CICS Transaction Server program EC01 to be compiled, defined, and installed on CICS.
  • The CICS Transaction Gateway supplied Java™ sample EciB2 be available on the Java client machine.