Configuring the TCPIPService on CICS TS

The TCPIPService is a resource that defines the attributes of the IPIC connection, including the listening port and the IPCONN autoinstall user program, referred to as a user replaceable module (URM).

For this scenario, the two CICS servers require separate TCPIPService definitions, using the port numbers defined in the table of values in Configuring a highly available Gateway group with two-phase commit and IPIC (SC03).

  1. Use CEDA to define a TCPIPService; for example, SRV4149. The important values are:
    • The URM is set to point to your compiled IPCONN autoinstall user program.
    • The port numbers are set for incoming IPIC requests.
    • The protocol is set to IPIC.
    • The transaction is set to CISS.
    All other values can be left to default. The security section of the TCPIPService is not applicable for the IPIC protocol; security is applied in the IPCONN definition.
    CEDA  DEFine TCpipservice( SRV4149 )
     TCpipservice   : SRV4149
     GROup          : HOLLTCPA
     DEscription  ==>
     Urm          ==> DFHISCIP
     POrtnumber   ==> [port number] 			1-65535 
     STatus       ==> Open              Open | Closed
     PROtocol     ==> IPIC              IIop | Http | Eci | User | IPic
     TRansaction  ==> CISS
     Backlog      ==> 00010             0-32767
     TSqprefix    ==>
     Ipaddress    ==>
     SOcketclose  ==> No                 No | 0-240000 (HHMMSS)
     Maxdatalen   ==>                    3-524288
  2. Follow this pattern to create a TCPIPService definition for each CICS region. Allocate different port numbers to each definition. For example, 4149 for CICSA1 and 4150 for CICSA2.
  3. Install the CEDA definitions.
  4. Check that the TCPIPService definitions are active. On CICS® TS, issue the command:
    Check the following values:
    • The port number shown is correct.
    • The status shows "Ope" for open.
    • The protocol shown is IPIC.
    • The URM shows the IPCONN autoinstall program that you modified.
      For example:
      Tcpips(SRV4149) Ope Por(4149) Ipic Nos Tra(CISS) 
      Con(00000) Bac( 00010 ) Max( 000000 ) Urm( DFHISCIP )