The ECI COMMAREA sample consists of a stateless session bean, a client application, and a custom record that demonstrates using the Streamable interface.

The following files are part of the sample:
Enterprise bean remote interface
Enterprise bean home interface
Enterprise bean implementation
Enterprise bean client program
Custom record
Example of a deployment descriptor

The deployment descriptor is an example of an EJB 1.1–compliant deployment descriptor for this enterprise bean. If you want to package it up into a jar file, rename it to Ejb-jar.xml and store it in the META-INF directory of the jar file. It might require further entries if it is to be deployed into an EJB 2.0–compliant environment.

See your JEE Server documentation for information on how to compile and deploy the bean within your environment. However, you need to ensure that the following jar files are also available on the CLASSPATH:
  • cicsjee.jar
  • connector.jar
  • ctgclient.jar
  • ccf2.jar
The enterprise bean looks for an ECI connection factory named java:comp/env/ECI. The bean must refer to this resource when deployed. See your JEE Server documentation on how to deploy the resource adapter with an entry in the JNDI with this name. The client program looks for the ECIDateTime bean with a name of ECIDateTimeBean1. See your JEE Server documentation for details of how to setup the bean with this JNDI name.

You will need to install the server sample program EC01 on your CICS® Server. This file can be found in the samples\server subdirectory of your CICS Transaction Gateway installation. Further details of this sample can be found in Sample programs.

The bean is a simple bean that outputs the date and time as known to the CICS Server, and can be deployed as a bean-managed transaction. The Custom record takes a COMMAREA and converts it to a string. Ensure that the EC01 sample program, which you installed on your CICS server, sends its results in ASCII, as the COMMAREA is expected in ASCII. The JavaStringRecord does however allow for the selection of other encodings, and is commented using JavaDoc. The Client program takes no parameters. If your CICS server is running on z/OS®, the EC01 sample program will return its results in EBCDIC rather than ASCII. To resolve this, update the DFHCNV table by adding lines similar to the following:
* CTG Sample conversion