Resolving problems

If a problem occurs you should first do some preliminary checks to try and narrow down the cause. You can then try and analyze the problem in more detail using tools such as trace, debug, or diagnostic commands.

A wide range of additional resources are also available for problem solving, including: forums and newsgroups, IBM® Technotes, IBM Developerworks, and IBM Redbooks®. You can also contact your IBM Support organization as described on the support page at CICS® Transaction Gateway Support Portal.


The following message occurs in CTG Job log :

Probable cause

This signal indicates that the CPU time limit has been exceeded. If the signal is unhandled,the following default action is applied and the return code is set to 3000.


The CEE5230S message is seen when a SIGXCPU signal is received, which means that max CPU time is reached. For CICS TG on z/OS® the started task should have TIME=NOLIMIT coded in the JCL on the step that has the ctgstart specified in the PARM.