Non-XA flows at ResponseExit

Data available for non-XA flows at RequestEvent = ResponseExit.

Y indicates that the field data is available for a specific flow type, N indicates that the field data is not available for the specific flow type.

Flow Type EciStatus EciSynconreturn ExtendedModeEci ExtendedModeCommit ExtendedModeRollback
Channel 12 N Y Y N N
CicsAbendCode N Y Y N N
CicsReturnCode N Y Y Y Y
CicsServer 2 N Y Y Y Y
ClientCtgApplid 8, 12 Y Y Y Y Y
ClientCtgApplidQualifier 8, 12 Y Y Y Y Y
ClientCtgCorrelator 8, 12 Y Y Y Y Y
ClientLocation 2 Y Y Y Y Y
ClientProtocol 2 Y Y Y Y Y
ClientType 2 Y Y Y Y Y
ClientVersion 2, 12 Y Y Y Y Y
CtgApplid Y Y Y Y Y
CtgApplidQualifier Y Y Y Y Y
CtgCorrelator Y Y Y Y Y
CtgReturnCode Y Y Y Y Y
DistributedIdentity N Y Y Y Y
FlowTopology Y Y Y Y Y
FlowType Y Y Y Y Y
GatewayUrl 6 Y Y Y Y Y
HttpPath 11 N Y N N N
HttpPayload11 N Y N N N
HttpStatusCode 11 N Y N N N
HttpVerb 11 N Y N N N
Location 7 Y Y Y Y Y
LUW Token N N Y Y Y
OriginData 3 N Y Y Y Y
PayLoad 12 Y Y Y N N
Program 13 N Y Y N N
RequestReceived Y Y Y Y Y
RequestSent 4 Y Y Y Y Y
ResponseReceived 4 Y Y Y Y Y
ResponseSent Y Y Y Y Y
RetryCount 2 N Y Y N N
Server 9, 13 Y Y Y Y Y
TranName TpnName 5, 12 N Y Y Y Y
trackingToken Y Y Y Y Y
Urid 1 N N N N N
Userid N Y Y Y Y
WireSize 2, 12 Y Y Y Y Y
WorkerWaitTime 2 Y Y Y Y Y
XaReturnCode N N N N N
XctCurrent 10 N Y Y N N
XctParent 10 N Y Y N N
XctRoot 10 N Y Y N N
Xid N N N N N
  1. Urid is available only on non-IPIC flows.
  2. CicsServer, ClientLocation, ClientProtocol, ClientType, ClientVersion, RetryCount, WorkerWaitTime and WireSize are available only when FlowTopology=Gateway. RetryCount is only available for the first request of the transaction.
  3. OriginData is available only for IPIC flows to CICS® servers when FlowTopology=Gateway and FlowTopology=LocalClient.
  4. The timestamps from and to another system are set only if the flow goes to another system. For EciStatus and for non-IPIC XA flows, except XaEci, this will be when FlowTopology=RemoteClient only.
  5. TranName and TpnName are mutually exclusive. Either can be set, but not both.
  6. GatewayUrl is available exclusively when FlowTopology=RemoteClient.
  7. Location is available only for FlowTopology=Gateway and FlowTopology=RemoteClient.
  8. ClientCtgApplid, ClientCtgApplidQualifier, and ClientCtgCorrelator are available to clients that support these data fields when FlowTopology=Gateway. These data fields are supported by Java™ clients using classes from CICS Transaction Gateway V7.1 and later, ECI V2, and .NET clients using libraries from CICS Transaction Gateway V8.1 and later.
  9. Server is only available on EciStatus flows if one was specified on the request.
  10. XCT data is only available if the Cross Component Trace (XCT) facility is enabled in WebSphere® Application Server.
  11. HttpPath, HttpStatusCode, HttpVerb and HttpPayload are only available for HTTP requests.
  12. Channel, ClientCtgApplid, ClientCtgApplidQualifier, ClientCtgCorrelator, ClientVersion, Payload, TranName, TpnName and WireSize are not available for HTTP requests.
  13. Program and Server are only available for HTTP requests if the URI matches a defined web service.
  14. TrackingToken is available only if the “TrackingToken” field is “true”.