Retrieving replies from asynchronous ECI requests

Callbacks and reply solicitation calls can be used to retrieve replies from asynchronous ECI requests.


Callbacks enable the CICS® server to drive specific function provided by the user application when an asynchronous program link call completes. Callbacks are not available for all APIs.

Reply solicitation calls

User applications that issue asynchronous calls can have several ECI requests outstanding at a time. Reply solicitation calls can be used by the calling application to retrieve the replies for each outstanding request. There are two types of reply solicitation call:
Retrieves all replies for any outstanding ECI request.
Retrieves a reply for a specific ECI request. A unique message qualifier is used to identify the reply for that request. Depending on the API that the application uses, message qualifiers are either automatically generated or a they have to be manually assigned to each asynchronous call within a single application.
If no reply is available, reply solicitation calls can either wait for a reply or return control directly to the user application.